Class Extension LLC

About Us

About Us

Class Extension is a duo of software engineers, specializing in development of mobile apps and games of all scales. We bring over 30 years of combined software experience on a variety of platforms. We've worked at startups and large companies, as solo developers and as part of teams of 10+ people. We collaborate closely with designers and are the ultimate pragmatists when it comes to writing code. We believe that only software that ships actually matters.

Class Extension is made up of:



Chris has been building interactive experiences since 2001. He has built games and apps for numerous brands, including Pepsi, LEGO, Microsoft, and American Airlines. In 2008 he authored a book on Flash game development, which sold some number of copies. In 2011 he began developing mobile applications for iOS and hasn't looked back since. After a stint at a mobile game startup, he began freelancing mobile app and game work for multiple platforms in 2014.

Mad Skillz:
iOS Dev (Swift + ObjC), Android Dev (Java + Kotlin), Unity Dev (C#)



Jonathan has been working in software development since 1999.  In 2011 he started his long road down mobile development when he joined Zynga to help build the popular mobile game "Words with Friends".  Since then he has helped companies as big as and Lonely Planet and as small as three person startups ship beautiful apps.  He feels he has "seen it all" both working on mature products with massive install bases and apps just getting off the ground.