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Trivie: Battle of Wits

Trivie Screenshots.jpg

Trivie Battle of Wits was a mobile, social trivia game along the lines of Words with Friends. Players took turns answer trivia questions in a series of rounds with increasing stakes. A year after its initial launch, we rolled out Trivie Spotlight, a custom solution for brands and celebrities. The game could be skinned 100% to match the look and feel of any given client, from TV shows to travel sites.

Chris was the lead developer of the iOS app and part of a two-person team to get the Android version completed.

Over the course of its 2-year life in the App Store, BoW reached #5 on the iOS Top Free charts and garnered over 2 million downloads. It also had a consistent 4.5-5 star rating from users. Unfortunately it was never a financial success, but the lessons we learned building it were invaluable.

Tech used: UI animations, Audio, Ad Networks, IAP, Analytics, Networking, Game Center, Facebook SDK, Push Notifications, Dynamic UI skinning

Shout-out: All of Trivie's UX/UI design was done by the incomparable Evan McMahon.